Inhabiting the Internet since 2002

Created 2015 as a temporary placeholder site.

About Dranoweb

The above motto describes our on-road techie. He travels to both domestic and remote areas in the course of his work, and get’s to fix a wide plethora of machines and systems.
In some cases, designing custom solutions on-site.

Dranoweb was started in the days of Geocities web hosting in 2002, as a learning experiment and personal website.
It quickly grew to a platform for many things, and in 2006 it shifted to dedicated paid hosting.
Every few years as demands have dictated, it has taken a new form to meet the demands.

Yes, but what do you do?

At Dranoweb we do a great many things, most this site showcases the artistic and technical skills of a team of mobile “techies” that roam around the south-eastern parts of Australia, fixing things and getting their noses into interesting places.

It’s not a commercial site per-say, but we do take on paid tasks from time to time that could vary from domestic computer repairs to industrial design and CNC work.
Check back here soon for more details.

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If it beeps - I can fix it.